HaInbal    CRO
(Subsidiary of HaInbal   Group Israel)

HaInbal Group - Israel founded in 1981 is a CRO providing clinical research services to clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices, nutritional supplements and cosmetics industries.     


    CRA,Clinical Monitoring & Auditing

    HaInbal performs on-site monitoring to ensure protocol and regulatory compliance and timely submission of data. Our monitoring team consists of full-time Clinical Research Associates (CRA's) who guarantee up-to-date knowledge of clinical trial status at each clinical site.

    Our monitoring procedures include:
  • Evaluation of study progress
  • Reviewal of staff and facilities at clinical site
  • Reviewal of Protocol compliance
  • Reviewal CRF's and performance of SDV
  • Reviewal of Biological Sample Handling
  • Reviewal of Investigational Product(s)
  • Discussion of Corrective Actions and Administrative Issues
  • Retrieval of CRF Pages
  • Maintaining tracking reports, etc
  • On Site Study Coordination Services (SSC)

    Our SSC Services include:
  • CRF completion
  • Query's resolutions
  • ISF managing
  • IP accountability
  • etc.
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