HaInbal    CRO
(Subsidiary of HaInbal   Group Israel)

HaInbal Group - Israel founded in 1981 is a CRO providing clinical research services to clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices, nutritional supplements and cosmetics industries.     


    Regulatory Affairs

    HaInbal experts offer sponsors a full complement of services designed to maximize the likelihood of obtaining regulatory approvals, and will assist you with all aspects of the process.

    Agreement Conclusion on behalf of Sponsor

    On behalf of clinical trial Sponsors, HaInbal negotiates and enters into Agreements directly with investigators, medical institutions, local laboratories, courier companies, disposal of materials companies and other subcontractors on the territory of Israel, thus speeding up the process of clinical trial initiation.

    Regulatory Submission

    HaInbal's extencive experience in regulatory submission and our good reputation with the regulatory authorities ensures a reliable and obstacle-free submission of documents for clinical trial authorization MOH and Multi-Centre Ethics Committee.
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